Environmental Operating Approvals

These documents can be accessed through Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development’s Approvals Viewer site.  These documents are the approvals issued under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) that authorize the construction, operation and reclamation of the mines and related oil sands processing facilities.  Additional environmental operating requirements are contained in authorizations (where applicable) under the Water Act (AER), Oil Sands Conservation Act (AER), and Public Lands Act (AER).  Readers should understand that there may be Director authorized amendments to various clauses or sections of the approvals that are not shown in the links below.

To obtain the most complete version of the approval one must select the main approval and all additional amendment approvals from the Approvals Viewer site.  To find all EPEA approvals related to each project enter the Approvals Viewer and enter the number shown adjacent to the link below in the upper left hand box and click on Search at the bottom of the page.