The proposed Alberta Centre for Reclamation and Restoration Ecology will provide practical, science-based solutions for the reclamation and restoration of disturbed ecosystems, while training the next generation of natural resource management professionals.

Find out more about us and how you can get involved in reclaiming the land and restoring the future.

Addressing a Global Challenge

Worldwide demand for natural resources continues to grow. Albertans and Canadians enjoy the economic benefits of resource development, from oil and gas to coal, minerals and forests.

But extraction of these resources can disturb ecosystems, threaten biodiversity and jeopardize long-term ecological and economic sustainability.

And so we are faced with a formidable challenge. How do we wisely manage these resources for the benefit of current and future generations?

There is an urgent need for research and training to meet this challenge.

Building on Diverse Expertise

ACRRE aims to build on the diverse expertise of the University of Alberta researchers who are addressing this challenge.

In the brochure at right we have highlighted just a few of the research teams that are developing solutions for the reclamation and restoration of highly disturbed sites. We encourage you to read through these profiles, review our message from the Chair and consider partnering with the University of Alberta in this exciting initiative.

TransCanada Historical Research Reports

From the mid-1970s to the mid-1990s, Nova Gas Transmission Ltd., a subsidiary of TransCanada Pipelines Ltd. produced a series of research reports related to pipeline soil conservation practices. TransCanada realizes the importance of scientific research initiatives and is pleased to provide the numerous reports in digitized format to ensure the studies and respective findings are available to the general public. TransCanada has agreed to allow the Alberta Centre for Reclamation and Restoration Ecology (ACRRE) to make these reports available through the University of Alberta Libraries Education & Research Archive (ERA). The reports can be accessed here.