Resources / OSRIN 2009 - 2014 / Mine Closure Planning

Mine Closure Planning

Aboriginal Mining Guide – Stage 5: Mine Closure and Reclamation

AngloAmerican Mine Closure Toolbox

Australian Government, Department of industry, Tourism and Resources – Mine Closure and Completion

Canary Research Institute for Mining, Environment and Health – Ontario Mining Act Fact Sheet - Mine Closure Plans - Your Right to Know! Part VII – Rehabilitation of Mining Lands.  5 pp.

Cowan, W.R., W.O. Mackasey and John G.A. Robertson, 2013.  Case studies and decision-making process for the relinquishment of closed mine sites.  National Orphaned/Abandoned Mine Initiative. 81 pp.

European Commission - Establishment of guidelines for the inspection of mining waste facilities, inventory and rehabilitation of abandoned facilities and review of the BREF document No. 070307/2010/576108/ETU/C2. Annex 3 Supporting document on closure methodologies for closed and abandoned mining waste facilities

Government of Manitoba.  Manitoba Mine Closure Regulation 67/99 General Closure Plan Guidelines.  9 pp.

Government of Western Australia, Environmental Protection Authority, 2011.  Guidelines for Preparing Mine Closure Plans.  78 pp.

InfoMine – Mine Closure 

International Council on Mining & Metals – Integrated Closure Planning Review Literature Review

International Council on Mining & Metals – Planning for Integrated Mine Closure: Toolkit

International Institute for Environment and Development – Research on Mine Closure Policy

Mine Closure Handbook: Environmental Techniques for the Extractive Industries – What happens to mine sites after a mine is closed?

National Orphan and Abandoned Mines Initiative, 2003.  Best Practices in Community Involvement: Planning For and Rehabilitating Abandoned and Orphaned Mines in Canada.  4 pp.

National Orphan and Abandoned Mines Initiative, 2010.  The Policy Framework in Canada for Mine Closure and Management of Long-Term Liabilities: A Guidance Document

Smith, B., University of New South Wales Thesis – Mining for Closure: Sustainable Mine Practices, Rehabilitation and Integrated Mine Closure Planning

World Bank – It’s not Over When it’s Over: Mine Closure Around the World